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Content is king. It was ever thus. But what even is content marketing?

Put in simple terms it’s about creating and circulating content that will encourage your target audience to take the action that will result in the outcome you are looking for.

Successful content marketing

Effective content marketing is all about choosing the right words, publishing them through the right channel of communication to the right audience. Making sure you get the right messages to the right people is fundamental to engaging your audience. It can also help create a great customer journey with timely messaging and offers that will ultimately persuade them to act.

To be successful in using content marketing, the words used must be relevant, engaging and deliver rewarding experiences; they must have a clear “what’s in it for me” factor for the recipient.

Telling your story

But content is difficult to generate and even more tricky to keep fresh and relevant. It requires focused effort from the content creator to be constantly refreshing the content to keep the audience engaged. The art of content management is the modern-day equivalent of story-telling. It can be used very effectively to build awareness, trust and loyalty. As an agency who offer copywriting services, we are experienced communicators but most of all we love listening to our client’s stories and helping them to create fresh and impactful content.

Channels of communication

Once you’ve got your story sorted out, we can help you to decide what the most appropriate channels are to ensure your target audience can access it. The number of potential channels is vast – from the most basic (and still very effective) face to face, to the traditional above the line channels such as TV & Radio, to the below the line channels such as direct marketing and exhibitions and, last but not least, to the place where content really is king, the fast-moving social whirl that is the world of social media.

Most businesses now publish their own social media news using channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Websites are another great platform for getting your content out there. User generated content is the new word of mouth. Blogs, vlogs and interest groups can all help to make your messages more authoritative, trusted and authentic.

Omnichannel messaging gets better results as the target audience are exposed to the message at multiple touch points, sometimes simultaneously. Response to content in the social world is very measurable and can be closely monitored using analytics packages.

Content marketing can be a real game changer

Flexibility is one of the great things about content marketing. Content can easily be tweaked, refreshed and renewed to ensure better engagement with your audience. It delivers measurable results and it can be a real game changer.